Tech Lead, Software Engineer
may. 2019-now

Still working on the same network box product but as tech lead of my team.
Another part of this role is to ensure that quality code is produced, and best pratices are followed. Another one is to participate to create the technical design of future features.

Software Engineer
apr. 2018-may. 2019

Working as part of a 5 developpers agile team on a network box for ship, allowing to manage satellite connectivity on board and relying on various technologies such taht Java (with Spring/Hibernate), Python, Angular...
We had to maintain the current product, and to work on new features for the next release.

Fullstack Engineer
may. 2017-dec. 2017

As one of the two web developpers of a small agile team, I was in charge of replacing an old silverstripe backend with a new GraphQL-based one, that would be maintained in-house and that should be generic enough to be re-used for other projects. This backend was written for nodejs and we successfully re-used it for another new projet during my last month there.
On the other hand, I had to maintain and to add new features to the React/Redux front-end which was using the GraphQL backend. This also implied to turn the design coming from the UX designers of the team into a clean and responsive html/css.
We were using continuous integration for the whole process, through Bitbucket and Codeship. The product was deployed as a docker image into ECS with the help of CloudFormation.

Loader Operator
sep. 2016-dec. 2016

An experience where I was challenging myself about adapting to a complete unusual environment where I had to deal with lot of pressure.

Research Engineer
mar. 2015-jul. 2016

Working on the FIREDIAG project to produce an interactive tools collecting data from building sensors and providing help to firemen while they are fighting fire. Also took part of creating and managing a new FabLab, la Faironnerie ABC, inside the university.

Globe Trotting
jan. 2014-jan. 2015

A world tour I have done with my wife. We made several jobs during this year : working on an eco-project in Nepal, teaching english in Cambodgia, working on a café and on a ranch in Australia. You can find more information about our trip on our nomadoGEEKS blog.

Software Engineer
sep. 2008-sep. 2013

Concurrently with my PhD thesis work, I was working on GraphStream, a java library for studying dynamic graphs. This tool is born from merging coding work of several LITIS researchers, including me, and we successfully released a major first release in 2011. This tools is still actively used and on its way for a second release.

PhD in Computer Science
sep. 2008-dec. 2013

This is my PhD thesis about Swarm Intelligence for Simulation Distribution in a Computational Ecosystem. More information about it can be found on the dedicated section.

Master 2 Algorithmic & Formal Methods
sep. 2007-jun. 2008

This graduation ended by my Master Thesis about 2D/3D Segmentation using Multi-agents System.

Total Petrochemical
jul. 2007-aug. 2007

Development of an Intranet website & a tools for network monitoring.

Master 1 in Computer Science
sep. 2006-jun. 2007

mar. 2006-jun. 2006

An internship I made at the end of my licence. It was about Pyocyanic Bacillus Propagation Simulation.

Licence in Computer Science
sep. 2003-jun. 2006

The three first years at the University. First steps into the research world.

Econocom Managed Services
jul. 2003-sep. 2003

An internship about marketing and intranet website development.